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Surf Sister: Kat Charles

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kat Charles

Kat Charles: Surf Sister from Perth, now based in Byron Bay has snapped up portraits of girls in the line ups.

kat charles

kat charles

kat charles

Skate Extravaganza

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With the change of season northeast winds are pounding the coast, its time to dust off ones skatie, pad up and have some fun. This is a short film to get you in the mood by Artsurfcamp.

Longskate camp en Artsurfcamp-LGC from Artsurfcamp on Vimeo.


Green Room

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Kurt henson

The beautiful green waters of Te Awanga...Happy mind surf!

Film Maker: Hayley Gordon, With Silvana Lima Taking Over

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Hayley Gordon

Hayley Gordon has a bachelor in Film from University Of Michigan, USA.

Silvana Lima Is Taking Over The Video! from Hayley Gordon on Vimeo.

Cristina Zenato

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Christina Zenato on

Born in Italy, Cristina Zenato grew up in the rain forests of 1970’s African Congo until the age of 15, and naturally developed a love of the outdoors. Her tremendous passion for the ocean surfaced at a young age, and following her love for the water she journeyed to the Bahamas for work, and learned to dive..

Cristina has a natural ‘gift’, some would say, with Sharks. Practicing a little known technique of rubbing and manipulating her fingers across the ampullae of Lorenzini, the visible dots [electro-receptive sensory organs] all around a shark’s head and face, she induces a tonic immobility. Sharks at her home in the Bahamas almost seem to know her for her gentle spirit, and warm to her touch.


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