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Its 'Snowing In Wellington'

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As we enjoy an awesome winter of waves and sunshine here on the east coast of Australia things are a little different across the ditch in New Zealand. There is currently some wild weather making life uncomfortable for our southern neighbors in the land of the long white snow cloud


We Love To Longboard

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Here at Surf Sister we love Longboarding and there is no better way to spend a lazy winter afternoon sliding down the point at The Pass. Enjoy this little video and let yourself escape to Byron Bay for a few minutes......

Support Surfing Events To Go Green

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Surfing is perhaps the one sport most affected by climate change; events held in our backyard such as Gold Coast Quicksilver Pro are an essential part of surfing culture. So how can surfers reduce the impact their sport has on the planet?

At the 2011 Quiksilver Pro Climate Wave launched a Facebook cause supporting surfing events to go green. Climate Wave Enterprises creates sustainable events through consultation, review and hands-on logistics services. Through the consultation of Climate Wave it may be achievable for surfing to become the first international sport to go green and the reception received has been encouraging. The Quiksilver Pro is an ASP World Tour event and a good opportunity for us to check on the environmental credentials of the event and improvements that are made at each tournament.


Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets

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Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC), narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale entangled in local fishing nets.

At first, the animal appeared to be dead, yet Fishbach investigated and quickly discovered that the poor creature was tangled in a fishing net. The humans had to act fast; what began as a tragedy soon became a thrilling rescue as Fishbach and his crew labored to free the young whale. The entire encounter was caught on videotape and later narrated by Fishbach himself.

This young whale knows how to show appreciation by treating them to a magnificent aerial spectacle after it was finally freed.

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