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A little something for your Monday Blues Surf Sister's... Summer is coming! Beach sleeps, burnt noses, fresh fruit and all the good feelings we could muster up. This film by Drew Miller features Lauren Hill, Lisa Autrey, and a couple of guys.

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Single Fin Photography: Yellow Sun

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rebecca law surf

Rebecca Law in Mangawhai Heads,NZ.

Bex learnt to surf while living in Mount Maunganui and a creative flare and outgoing personality got her a job as a photographer for a local newspaper, she did a lot of freelance photography work before completing a Bachelor of media arts at the Waikato Institute of technology with a double major in graphic design and photography. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +64 21 058 9526

Women Of The Waves

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When the chairman from Surf world asked me to MC the Woman of the Waves event I didn't hesitate to say ok. My vision of an MC was a sweaty man in a business suit walking around on stage, trying to entertain a bored audience. “Master of Ceremonies” is what the abbreviation stands for. On this occasion The Woman of the Waves event at Surf World was a Celebration and I was Me.

As I walked up the stairwell plastic petals scattered all over the floor were the first thing I noticed. There’s never a lack of ambience at Surf World.  The night saw the place decked with flower necklaces; volunteers wore the trade mark Hawaiian shirts.

Before proceedings began, guests caught up and conversed with one another. I was interacting with musician Leetoia Williams but was distracted by a man with a mullet, sitting in the corner on a plastic chair, chewing gum and staring at nothing.
I was eager to know about him.
Andy. He grows lavender and shared some advice how to do so.
The evening soon commenced I was lucky to meet and introduce some woman who have influenced me in more ways than one.
Jessi Miley-Dyer I used to glare at and read about in my Curl mags. She is now manager of the ASP world womens tour. Narani Henson started the first online woman surf mag in Oz (with her hubby Kurt) she's also a talented artist.
Deb Morris shoots micro waves through the viewfinder. 3-20cm waves are of good height to capture images that look like magic.
Wendy Botha-Todd told stories of her days beginning surfing at J-Bay, life on the world tour and winning world titles.
It was a good night. The stem of lavender Andy gave me is under my pillow. I’m a lucky MC.

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Words by Cassandra Nevin

cassandra Nevin


Cassandra Nevin in the Gold Coast

Cassandra takes others on journeys discovering new places, cultures, surf, people, food, local music, festivals, and art.
Having grown up in the small coastal area of the Coromandel Peninsula NZ, community has always been a key factor in her life. Cass strives on keeping that spirit alive.
Now based on the Gold Coast, Cassandra has been incorporating her passions and sharing her experiences by producing and presenting videos, writing, photography and getting involved with local events.

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Bluesphere Photography: Momentum

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Shelli Bankier


Shelli Bankier of Bluesphere Photography based in Burleigh

My photographic work of the Ocean steps away from commercial surf photography. With my photography I aim to capture those beautiful moments that we experience out in the ocean, those moments that give peace to your heart and beauty to your soul. I have always felt a strong affinity and passionate love for the Ocean, of the beauty and freedom that the Ocean so inspires...

Bluesphere Photography


Gender Issues In Australian Surfing Culture

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‘This is a man's world, this is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl…’
—(James Brown, 1991).

Gender Equality?

When it comes to surfing it might appear that all it boils down to is riding waves. However, beneath the surface there are a myriad of tensions and negotiations taking place in which not all the parties involved operate on an equal footing. A critical issue here is the undercurrent of hegemonic masculinity within the surfing world. I use this term to refer to the socially constructed belief that male behaviour is the normative ideal (Donaldson 1993, p. 645), which is characterised by the tendency for males to dominate other males and to subordinate women (Nick 2009). Characteristics of this dominant model include the encouragement of aggression, strength and toughness in males and the discouragement of the same traits in females which have been common until recently in contemporary Western society and survive, unreconstructed, in surfing culture. Men still dominate the sport, despite the rise of women’s professional surfing, and it is the culturally privileged qualities of hard bodies and male on male bonding common to the most visible and highly valued sporting contests in the wider society that carry over into surfing culture.



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