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Virtual Goods for XBox & Playstation 3

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Millions of people spend time in the gaming universe on their Xbox or Playstation and many games are based on 'real life' sports, actions and physical appearances. To be honest I didn't even know what an 'Avatar' was until I, like so many others, was captivated by the 2009, James Cameron, 3D block buster! So I was fascinated by the fact that surf products are available for your Avatar. International surf, snow and lifestyle brand Rip Curl, has made yet another move in the gaming industry, partnering with Canadian-based digital agency 'Disruptive Publishers' to release a range of virtual products for the Xbox 360 Avatar Marketplace and Sony Playstation 3.

The collection for Xbox features a variety of Rip Curl shirts, tees, jackets, pants, eyewear, hats, wetsuits and snowboards, and will grow larger throughout the year. The brand also released a trio of dynamic PS3 themes, showcasing some of its most recent photos and video of pro surfers, Alana Blanchard, Mick Fanning and Owen Wright.

“Technology and innovation are two key values for the brand, and we’ve been playing in the gaming industry for some time - from event partnerships with Xbox and co-branded collaborations with Nintendo Gameboy to releasing our own iPhone game - ‘Rip Curl’s Live The Search Surfing Game’ – in late 2010. Both of these new opportunities are very unique and we’re excited about other possibilities from here,” said Dane Sharp, Rip Curl Media & Digital Marketing Manager.

"We have been able to give consumers the ability to change ones appearance daily on their Xbox 360 avatars because this is as important to updating or choosing what to wear everyday in the real world,” says Otis Perrick, Director of Business Development at Disruptive Publishers.

So is this the ultimate in self expression? being able to personalise your avatar in the latest Rip Curl gear? The lines of reality and cyber space have been blurred just that fraction more.

Spring In Spain

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With the season change of Autumn in Australia, across the world spring with the Spanish ROXY team, road tripping around some of the best spots in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Enjoy this video that smells like summer, full of good vibes!!spring in spain

'Around the World' Hive Swimwear Launch Party

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Hastings Street in Noosa Heads went off on Friday night... Hive Swimwear-Swimwear that Sticks, released the 2012-2013 'Around the World' Collection at a launch party. The event was held at Gaston restaurant and Ex Miss Universe Australia Kimberley Busteed was the MC for the event. 20 models strutting the new collection with each styled to fit a theme of a different country. Prints inspired by Australia, North America, South America, Japan, Hawaii, Polynesia, Japan, UK, France and Africa. One of the Hive models that paraded the 'Australia print' actually had the print painted on with bodypaint which was a fun.

The Hive Swimwear 2012-2013 Collection has both a "Surf" and "Swim" collection. The surfers will be interested to know there are some surf specific neoprene styles called the "Ectotherm" including a 1.5 mm top and 1.0 mm neoprene shorts. They look great and they should be as functional as all the products from Hive Swimwear. (These will be available in May)

hive swimwear

Freedom by Lea Zejdler

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General STATEMENT of the project:

This is a critic on putting labels on people;
On telling us who are we, on creating expectations..
On playing the role that you don’t want to play.

On the pressure of adjusting to heteronormative society;
On necessity to alignment with the gender pattern;
On dissonance between worlds which we face while growing up;

It’s about opening eyes, changing the mind set,
leaving things behind, getting into a new chapter..
It’s about an inside rebel or being a mental punk.

It’s about finding the right balance (literally and in metaphor)
and it shows that people are more than one layer..

That ridiculous things are always the best fun;
That Peter Pan exists, Punk is not dead and Queer rules!

It shows that princesses also have balls.
It shows that if you are brave enough you can change things!

Do not allowed anybody to put you into the box!
do NOt put LABELS yourself!
Think QUEER.

What do I want to say?
We see legs of woman in spike heels and tight black skirt. By the way she walks you can tell she is self confident, sexy; she knows what she wants. She is a stereotype of successful woman. She’s one of those who most of woman wants to be and most man wants ‘to have’.. She fits perfectly into the social model of a perfect woman.
Soon the viewer will see that she’s much more than that!
She starts to walk fast, more resoluteness.. There is a skateboard laying on her way.. she doesn't care that she wear spike heels.. and she’s ‘not allowed’ to use it. She puts her feat on the skateboard and starts to ride. She gets her freedom. She doesn't let anybody to put her into the box. She is who she wants to be.

high heel skating

O'Neill Girls Surf Team

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o'niell girls

Check out the O’Neill girls surf team on the North Shore of Hawaii. Malia Manuel and Sage Erickson try out the new Spring 2011 swim collection and have some fun with the rest of the team in Hawaii.

Director of Photography / Editor / Colorist: Greg Ephraim


O'Neill Girls Surf Team from greg ephraim on Vimeo.


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