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The Wider Caribbean region is the habitat of a quarter of the planet's sea mammals, but little is known about the state of their conservation

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The growing exploitation of coastal resources, degradation of habitat, accidental capture, contamination, acoustic pollution and tourism are serious threats to whales and dolphins in the Wider Caribbean, which extends from the Gulf of Mexico, across the Caribbean, to the adjacent Atlantic, explained marine biologist Nathalie Ward, director of the Eastern Caribbean Cetacean Network (ECCN).

"There are reasons for concern," she said, because "for many countries there is still minimal information on their biology and conservation needs."

The most devastating are the accidents involving fishing nets, which each year kill some 300,000 cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and whales) around the world, far more than the number killed by intentional capture, collisions with boats or by sharks.

However, according to Ward, in the Wider Caribbean it is difficult to make reliable estimates about this, "especially where small-scale or artisanal fisheries account for a high proportion of bycatch," or accidental killings.


Can't Get Enough Whales

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The whales have headed south and already looking forward to their return. This is cute x

Who Wants A Go-Pro?

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Who wants a Go-Pro for Christmas? Make your own surf film with your mates this summer and send it in to Surf Sister!


The HD HERO2: 2x as Powerful in Every Way from GoPro on Vimeo.

Kat Charles

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kate daniel

Kat Charles has shared these photographs of Kate Daniel having a slide. Watching the sun drop form the sky behind the iconic hills of Northern NSW.

Kate daniel

Kate daniel


Kat Charles


Kat Charles in Byron Bay,

Kat studied Surf Science and Technology at Edith Cowan as well as being apart of collective art shows such as "Beyond The Picket White Fence" and "See" with the focus of 'art for arts sake'. Her photos capture the community and culture of the surfing lifestyle in the Northern Rivers of NSW. It's all about the love of surf, skate, create and friends.

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Cristina Mandarina

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As you can tell we love to SK8 here at Surf Sister too! This film combines cool cinematography, great skating and an interesting mix of music.


Cristina Mandarina from Marta Guillen on Vimeo.


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