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Taking The Drop

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taking the drop

Taking the Drop by Danielle Dubois, Jillian Flitton, Debbie James, and Sheree da Costa is an inspirational journey of four everyday women who wanted to share another kind of surfers’ world.  From varying backgrounds, they met in the ocean and have developed close and affirming friendships since sharing their first wave together.  They wrote this book not only to provide an entertaining and inspiring insight into surfing, but also to share their very different stories of how a group of Australian working mums came together to forge stronger identities, increase self-esteem and find happiness and solace within the ocean – mother nature’s realm. 

It’s obvious that this story is not just about surfing. It’s also about friendship, trying to keep balance in and out of the water, and having a good laugh (and sometimes a good cry) along the way. Over the next few weeks SurfSister is going to be sharing sections of the book written by Sheree, Danielle, Deb and Jill.


As the first sun greets another unspoiled day on the horizon an ex-ballerina, a marriage celebrant, a business developer and a Jill of all trades are already up and busy, attending to the things that must be done – wash face and brush teeth, feed dog, make bed, a bite to eat – then out to the car, no time to waste – life, buddies and waves are waiting.  We drive the windy road to Palm Beach with familiarity - music plays on the radio - we are in a good mood.  Within minutes we arrive in succession at the beach seeking familiar smiling faces as we park our cars, check the tide, waves, and wind.  Awesome, the ocean is a mirror!           

Urgently surfboards are pulled off cars, out of their covers and waxed.  Wetsuits are donned. We are four strong as we make our way to the waters’ edge where without hesitation we  throw our boards and bodies into the water -  paddling out to the beckoning break we are overwhelmed by a tidal wave of emotion flooding over us at the knowledge of  how lucky we are to be friends.  There is no pretence or falseness, just a bunch of girls being themselves – their true essence emerging.  Four middle-aged females who dare to take a little time for themselves.  No need to glam up - makeup, blow dried hair and fancy clothes are not a prerequisite.  Just surfboards and wetsuits and pure ones’ self.  Merely one out of twenty-four hours to shed our multi-tasking skin of wife, mother, career woman that life commands us to wear.  Just sixty minutes to shine, to experience spirited, fun-filled, daring and innocent freedom of life on the ocean wave.  Patiently we wait for our share of the waves, taking turns, enjoying the ride – our minds are clear, released of all thoughts as the ocean grants us what we came for - liberation.  Enthusiastic junkies we seek the natural high Mother Nature indulgingly provides.  Mobile phones and laptops don’t live here. 

After  a surfing session we are euphoric, cleansed, solid and ready to take on the world and time allowing, conversation over coffee leads to an all-girl alliance where the Chicks On Sticks (COS) philosophy of - ‘life is for living, whatever your age’ is applied.  A place to take a chance, push the boundaries, follow your dreams.  Never take NO for an answer – believe in yourself.  Where it’s all about attitude – and we have plenty of that.

Through the gift of friendship we have grown strong, become support crew and confidantes, and tasted the poignant flavour of life, learning the true value of self-worth.  We are a foursome who share a life bursting at the seams with fun and laughter, tears and sadness, adventure and excitement, and especially honesty and trust. 

Whatever life throws our way we are prepared to ‘take the drop’... 

To purchase your copy of 'Taking The Drop' hit the 'add to cart' button at bottom of page.


To purchase your copy of 'Taking The Drop' by Danielle Dubois, Jillian Flitton, Debbie James, and Sheree da Costa for $32.95 plus postage & handling. Hit the 'add to cart' button.

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