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Tasmania has a reputation for untamed beauty and wild waves that are second to none on earth, and when you want to experience the water in the way that only a surfer can, this needs to be one of your prime destinations. Locals and world-surfers alike recommend that you catch the first ship you can to this amazing island. Once you make it to shore, waste no time. Instead, head for one of these surf spots and throw yourself in!

Clifton Beach is great for people who are definitely out of their beginner surfer days but who really want to refine their skills. At the south end of the beach, the waves are pretty soft, and the winds are not as harsh as they could be, but up the beach, you'll find some tougher water. If you are an intermediate surfer, this is a great beach for you to play on.

Strahan: Everyone's got to start somewhere, and if you are just getting started yourself, make your way to Strahan. There are surfing schools that offer lessons for people of all ages, and the waves are perfect for kiteboarding, kite surfing and wind surfing as well as surfing. Strahan has a lot to offer people who are just falling in love with surfing and want a space to practice and enjoy themselves.

Martha Lavina: Located on King Island, Martha Lavinia was voted by Surfing Life to have among the top ten waves in the world close to a regional city. This place has some stunning waves when they get going.

Scamander: Located on Tasmania's Surf Coast, Scamander offers some excellent vacationing as well as having a great surfer environment. The waves off this beach may not be the biggest around, but they are reliable. The beach is available and good for surfing all year round, and even during the winter, you don't need to worry about the temperatures.

British Admiral Beach: When you want to stick close to town and you are on Tasmania's King Island, make sure that you stop by British Admiral Beach. It's rarely flat, and if you want good surfing, stalk the south end of the beach., waiting for the east wind.

Phoques Bay: Located off of the northwest shore of King Island, Phoques Bay suits both beginners and experts. Just wait for a high swell at low or mid tide, and you're sure to have some fun.

Shipstern Bluff: is one of the destinations of choice for experienced surfers, and if you are a novice, head on out but stay out of the water until you are willing to tackle a six-metre wave. These heavy swells are amazing if you know what you are doing, and actively dangerous if you don't. The nearest hospital is almost an hour away, and there are sharks in these waters.

At the end of the day, the message is that Tasmania has a lot to offer surfers. Don't get left behind, check out these amazing waves as soon as you can.

Jemima Hutchins

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