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Velvet Dreams

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Takaaki Kaneko is the creative force behind Japanese wetsuit brand Velvet Dreams. Takaaki's love for surfing propelled him to travel to California to be immersed in surf culture. Where he found inspiration to start V.D. in 2007. Over the past five years V.D. has been doing collaborations of wetsuits and bikinis which brings Velvet Dreams style of 'funky' and a 'fresh vibe' to other brands.


Seea by Amanda Chinchelli

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“We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea”

SurfSister had a chat with Amanda Chinchelli Greer ~ Designer and Founder of distinctive brand, Seea. Seea is dedicated to the pioneering women who first braved the waves, and to every woman who has ever searched for a suit that is feminine, comfortable, and fun. An elegant mix of retro-modern shapes and contemporary colours and prints, Seea strikes the perfect balance between surf function and style.


Review Of CSkin's Angel

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CSkin's Angel 3x2 Steamer

The past 2 weeks has seen the east coast of Australia battered by 15 to 20 foot swell and like many I took to higher ground to watch the magnificent show. The awesome power of the ocean smashing into the open beaches...great for foam but not so good for doing wetsuit reviews!


Buying A Wetsuit?

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Autumn is that magical time of the year when the swell pumps, the cusp that welcomes in the winter change, brrrrr! Its time to say good bye to the bikini and embrace the neoprene. Here at SurfSister we have looked at three different companies to see what is on ofter for us surfer girls in the way of steamers for 2012.


Basil Wetsuits

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basil wetsuits

Hanging in the board store at Micheal Cundith with Toshie (Mrs Micheal Cudith) and her close friend and business partner Tomoko, of Basil Wetsuits. Hanging out with Toshie and Tomoko was a joyful exchange with lots of laughing and the atmospheric backdrop of the 'hustle and bustle' of a community surfboard store.


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