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Hanging in the board store at Micheal Cundith with Toshie (Mrs Micheal Cudith) and her close friend and business partner Tomoko, of Basil Wetsuits. Hanging out with Toshie and Tomoko was a joyful exchange with lots of laughing and the atmospheric backdrop of the 'hustle and bustle' of a community surfboard store.

Japan is known as a world leader in wetsuit manufacture and technology which is where Tomoko is based. Tomoko has been making wetsuits for 15 years and established her 'Basil' wetsuit company around 13 years ago when she was 23 years old. One thing that was not lost in translation is the sculptural cut of Basil wetsuits. Tomoko uses nothing but Japanese materials (which she assures me is the best in the world). For Tomoko, a master pattern maker, her skill is making custom 3-dimensional fitting wetsuits.

Tomoko started surfing when she was 15 years old and expressed her love for her 5 favorite surf breaks in Japan. As well as her concern for her fellow countryman that have been affected by the natural and not so natural disastrous of the last few years. Tomoko's love for cooking could be a strong revival to surfing where she found the inspiration for her companies name "Basil".

Tomoko being one of the only females that is making custom patterns and manufacturing wetsuits in Japan, has teamed up with Toshie so that you too can have the option of getting a custom designed Basil wetsuit.


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