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Takaaki Kaneko is the creative force behind Japanese wetsuit brand Velvet Dreams. Takaaki's love for surfing propelled him to travel to California to be immersed in surf culture. Where he found inspiration to start V.D. in 2007. Over the past five years V.D. has been doing collaborations of wetsuits and bikinis which brings Velvet Dreams style of 'funky' and a 'fresh vibe' to other brands.

Living in Tokyo you must see some amazing fashion treads, does this influence V.D. designs?

Living in Tokyo, of course I check whats going on and it's hard not to get the trend. But normally I get my inspiration from when I used to be in California.

You mentioned that you have done collaborations in the past with other brands, can you tell us about it?

We did collaboration with this brand called Cher and their other line called CherShore, also we did with a select shop, Ronherman. The Japanese brand is really popular here and it's growing ever since it's been in the market. Both of this brands/Select shops are apparel base but we did bikinis and wetsuits together.

What is the Japanese surf culture like?

Japanese surfing culture is growing and getting more and more popular. Surfing, Fashion, Music are all getting more connected to one another and there is more girls surfers than before too.
Japanese surfing culture is most likely in California but it does get influenced by Australia too. Japan gets Stimulate by these too places.

How does this differ from California surf culture?

Like I said above, Japanese Surf culture is really like in California since they were the ones that influenced Japanese people at first about surfing.

What materials do you use to make V.D.?

Wetsuits from our brand are made by hand and we always use the best materials to make it. Like our rubber and neon-prene are really soft and warm. I guess that's the beauty of making wets in Japan.

Whats for the future?

I guess my biggest target for the future is to get more and more people from all around world to know and wear our wetsuits while they enjoy a good ride. Also to give something in return to those people that's been helping me all along.


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