Review: Cactus Rack

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cactus rack

Oh, so this nifty package turns up at the door and its a manageable sized box that's not to heavy. So I bundle it inside to open a flat packed surfboard rack by the name of "Bandito". My first impression was IKEA with a relatively easy assemblage as I counted out the correct amount of parts, screws... and yes, an Allen Key.


Make It Wood

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Wood Surfboards

Let face it the act of making a surfboard is a messy, smelly job and plan toxic. As surfers we are all happy that our sharpers combat against these conditions to supply us with beautiful new surfboards. It must be even more challenging addressing the environmental and health issues. In a plight to make building (and surfboard manufacturing!) more sustainable, Planet Ark launched a campaign called "Make It Wood.


"A Girl Made This Board?"

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whitney lang surf

Whitney Lang, aka Windywind, is braving the male dominated skill of shaping surfboards. This is what 'Windy' had to say about herself:

I began surfing at age 18 and shaping at 19. Although I didn't grow up surfing, I picked it up quickly because I was a great swimmer and lifeguard with extensive water knowledge. I began riding a 6'2" x 18" x 2 1/4" standard shortboard thruster and had no fun at all on it. After searching around for the right board, I met a friend who made his own surfboards. I was instantly inspired.


Longboard Maneuvers

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 hand 10 surf

Summer often means balmy temperatures and small fun waves generated form the abundant northerly wind swells. To a lot of surfers dusting off ones longboard and having a social slide with your mates goes hand in hand with the wave selection on ofter this time of the year. With Christmas holidays looming I thought it would be fun to share some break downs of different surf maneuvers one can do on a log.


The Spring Surfboard Review

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The Walden - Magic Model 9'6"

SurfSister Surfboard Review - Waldon Magic Model

"This board got so much speed and was so smooth, its really good at nose riding it holds the nose ride for ages! I think it would be really good in bigger surf. It also paddled really fast!!"

The Magic Model is the original modern longboard. An all around performance board, it's just as fun in small surf as it is in big surf. The Magic Model hull has a unique patented design. The top half of the hull is concave; this single concave transitions into a double concave about midway and ends towards the tail, which has a moderate "V". The rails are hard.

The concave nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding. The double concave hull and hard rails make the board fast, stabile, responsive, and maneuverable in all conditions. Although the rails tend to be harder than most other longboards, the unique bottom curve and beveled rails keep them from catching like most other hard rail boards.


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