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Dila Tawn Pretty Fish

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The great thing about getting a new surfboard shaped is that most of the time your 'board guru' is happy for you to personalize the blank before the glass goes on. Whether you physically splash some paint around or use printed inlays, the surfboard becomes an extension of self. Dila Tawn Pretty Fish is creating some fun designs that we at SurfSister wanted to share with you.

The Words of Dila Tawn Pretty Fish:

You know that feeling you get in your belly..somewhere below your heart...that achy feel when you have not been in the water for a while? I felt pleasantly surprised when I first recognized this feeling while I was bumbling around my research lab in Melbourne...
"okay, so I am now a surf addict"...

Hi !!

I love Life,
making Surfboards beautiful,
good Science,
the Ocean
and most of its wondrous Jellyfish, Shrimps, Whales and Starfish...

My name is Candace Loy, creator of Dila Tawn Pretty Fish.
I was born and bred in Singapore, and raised on an abundant amount of delicious Asian hawker food, endless shopping mall trawls, air-conditioning, many tall buildings in a very small space, an absence of Singapore Noodles, and flat water..

Somehow amongst all that fascinating, cosmopolitan, orderly tropical riot that is Singapore, my inner ocean radar flipped on and one day, armed with a fresh driver’s license (no drive, no surf!!), I finally found myself on my way to the beautiful surf breaks of Victoria, Australia...♥

I met the love of my life through surfing and we are now in Gisborne, ‘Surf Capital’ of New Zealand.
We are building our new life here in this beautiful country, and finding time to frolic in the waves when we are not taking people out on wild stingray feeding and reef ecology tours, or cooking amazing Italian food at an awesome restaurant, or making sure that baby grapevines are healthy and not too sick to produce beautiful grapes...and wine!

It feels like somehow I have been fast-forwarded to living my dream life..but better...Even though I started my surfing journey really late, and did not know water, now it feels like home when I step in, get onto my board and paddle out. Every session is a new lesson in facing my fears (and also getting out of the way!). It is the best feeling spending ocean-time with my guy and good friends...

I did art when I was growing up but have never felt more compelled to put brush to paper than when I realized my dream of making surfboards beautiful was a possibility… Every time I saw a blank surfboard (sometimes with a not-so-pretty design) I started daydreaming about how I would make it beautiful. We form a bond with every board we spend time with, even though we might not spend as much time as we like ON it. I would like every board I own to feel good on, and to feel pretty on! Nothing comes between me and my board...and it would really make my day seeing my art make someone else happy!

My designs focus on a hand-painted feel for girls aged 4 to 104... My first paintings are now available globally as surfboard inlays at the Candy Store at Inlayz. Inlayz are environmentally friendly, UV-protective and also help to make your board stronger. Simply chose your favourite designs, select the board type and size and get your favourite shaper to glass it onto the blank.


Come by to and facebook to say hi!
Tell me about your love of the ocean; pretty things and have you ever moved towns and countries to pursue a dream?

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