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Review: Cactus Rack

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cactus rack

Oh, so this nifty package turns up at the door and its a manageable sized box that's not to heavy. So I bundle it inside to open a flat packed surfboard rack by the name of "Bandito". My first impression was IKEA with a relatively easy assemblage as I counted out the correct amount of parts, screws... and yes, an Allen Key.

It was only a one beer assemblage with the instructions discarded after the first step which is then repeated depending on the number of boards stands. The Bandito is a four board rack but if in the future I require more racks I can purchase something called an 'expansion pack', which sounds very impressive! The Bandito Cactus Rack design looks like a ribcage to my creative eye which ties into the playful Cactus Rack signage and logos of these friendly skeletal mascots with Mexican inspired names.

I would like to let you all know that we have had this rack for the past 4 weeks and it has been used to house lots of different tails, shapes and sized boards. You can even fit 2 surfboards in the space allocated with no fins. I have to be honest that I am not prepared to put my 9'8 McTavish log with heavy glass and fabric inlays in the rack, but a lighter designed mini mal should be fine. The rack does flex and is marketed as unique "wave" geometery, which is different for traditional rack systems that have no movement.

One of the biggest selling points of this racking system is that it free standing! Which means you can move it easily and don't have to have wall space to attach it to. But it is for indoors only as the materials (bamboo prongs) are not weather proof and the makers ask you to be mindful of the amount to water on surfboards before storing. One of the SurfSister crew left a damp towel casually hanging from one of the prongs to discover a nice cultivation of mold a few days later. The bamboo being a sustainable material and light weight I am sure one can hang wet towels on the cloths line!


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Words by Narani Henson

narani henson


Narani Henson in Byron Bay

"My love for the ocean was installed at a young age. Surfing and my art is something that I can lose myself in, what can I say its good for my soul". Narani Henson has a diploma of Fine Arts from Meadowbank TAFE and a bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University. Google+ facebook


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