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The Australian non-profit conservation society founded by Paul Watson to help prevent and protect the inhumane slaughter of marine life and help keeping our ecosystems and oceans clean of deadly destruction. By taking it into their own hands to prominently not only document, but expose any illegal activities across the high seas.

Sea Shepherd has presented a number of campaigns such as ‘ The Operation Toxic Gulf ‘– in 2010 BHP Deep Water Horizon caused an accidental oil spill of over 200 gallons in Mexico where Sea Shepherd have teamed up with Ocean Alliance to help study the long term effect on the sea life in the Gulf.

With the help of Sea Shepherd’s fight and direct interaction they have helped exposed illegal Japanese whaling to the world and also saving the lives of more than 4,500 whales.

To make sure this issue is being watched carefully and being addressed, Sea Shepherd recently launched a new campaign – ‘Operation Relentless.’. This new campaign features a new online experience known as the ‘Get Behind the Defenders’, where you’re able to be virtually interactive as one of the crew members themselves; it would be as though you were right there onboard the ship itself.

With this online experience depending on the user’s response to a situation there will be a number of videos played. User’s asked to make a donation to the campaign and show support by uploading a photo to the ‘Wall of the Defenders’ which mirrors as a virtual petition at the same time.

It will be Sea Shepherd’s 10th Antarctic whale defence campaign. They are picking up the pieces and actually doing something about the situation where Government’s have failed.

“Sea Shepherd likes that kind of relentless accusation, we like being relentless in the pursuit of finally bring peace to the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Sea Shepherd knows that this is a David and Goliath struggle. Our past victories show we have one thing that the whalers do not, and that’s the passion and courage of our crew. No matter what the odds, no matter what the risks, no matter how well equipped, funded and Government backed your opponents are, you must never give in, must never surrender.  You must fight for what is right, because the one thing that is worth fighting for on our beautiful planet is life,” said Mr Hansen.

To also show support in Sea Shepherd’s mission to defend sea wildlife worldwide you can purchase the Ocean Guardian’s Diary. Created by popular author and nature spiritualist Stacey Demarco, this diary will empower you to become a guardian of the most magnificent and powerful resource on the planet; the ocean!

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 Words by Raven Waugh

raven waugh

Raven Waugh of Newcastle, Cree Photography

I have been engaged in the world of photography for the past couple of years, I love photographing the ocean, and love the surfing lifestyle, because it’s a condition that’s always changing and an element that will keep you second guessing and on edge just like life.

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